Our lorries include: 6 Wheel Beaver Tail, 8 Wheel Tipper, 8 Wheel Concrete Mixer, Artic Aggregate Tipper, Artic Grain Tipper and Low Loaders (44 tonne and 65 tonne).

RJF Haulage

Walking Floor Trailer

We are the first private operator in Scotland to offer a new breed of safety effective and environmentally efficient articulated lorry trailer from Northern Ireland manufacturer, the BMI Group. With the innovative Walking Floor aspect of the trailer, the serious risks of accidents (which can occur with conventional tipper-type trailers) are removed.

Not only is it a safer system, it is also cost effective for the client and, as an added bonus, reduces the carbon footprint, an increasingly important standard being introduced by state-of the-art businesses in the haulage industry.

RJF Walking Floor Trailer