Company History

Richard Fraser started the business in 1977, continuing the legacy of his father John Fraser who travelled the roads of the Black Isle, initially with a horse and cart before he moved on to lorries.

John Fraser built up a reputation for reliability and a friendly service and these continue to be the underling principles for our company today. Over the years the business has developed and grown from its base at Munlochy to become one of the main contractors and plant operators in the Highlands, with vehicles seen on roads right across Scotland.

The different strands of the company make it versatile in difficult economic climate and the plant now includes: diggers, lorries - from six-wheel beaver to low loaders; concrete mixer trucks, excavators - from three tonne to thirty tonne; dump trucks; forklifts and tractors.

"This is our company, where it came from; where it is now; and hopefully, we are heading into a healthy future"

Richard Fraser Contractors - history Richard Fraser Contractors - history Richard Fraser Contractors - history